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It's A Marketplace & Delivery System For Pre-Paid Gifts!

Create your virtual gift inbox to start beer gifting today. Choose from awesome gifts to send or be on the receiving end of pre-paid pints, pre-paid growlers fills and even merch/drink combos like a 't-shirt and a beer' that have never been available as online gifts before!


Delivered Instantly Via Text Message. Perfect For Gifts!

All Beerfarmer gifts are delivered with a text message. If you are the recipient, click on the link in the text message and be directed to our web-based app that requires NO download. Create your account, login and claim your free beer gift.


Claim In Person With The Touch Of A Button. Fast, Easy & Secure.

Essentially a pre-paid mini gift certificate, A beer gift recipeint just has to show the bartender the coupon on their phone to receive their FREE gift. The verification and claiming system was designed to be faster than cash and refreshingly easy to use. Get started today!


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